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Encyclopedia Of Haunted Places

Author: Jeff Belanger

Publisher: New Page Books

Publish Date: Aug-05

ISBN-10: 1564147991

Pages: 359

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Ghosts are everywhere. Every town has its buildings, houses, and cemeteries about which locals whisper and which school children hurry past when walking by. Ghost legends are powerful—they’re one of the few events today that still survive mainly by oral tradition. The tales of ghost encounters get retold, and soon certain locations get a “haunted” reputation. But those stories started somewhere. There is basis in fact behind every legend. And in many locations, people still experience the unexplained—they may tell one or two others about their experiences, and soon word of those encounters spreads and adds fuel to the supernatural fire that burns a haunted location into the collective memory of a region’s folklore—almost as if the ghosts and spirits demand to be remembered and acknowledged.

Many people are afraid of ghosts, but fear comes from a simple lack of understanding something. Other people actually go looking for ghosts. These people have many labels: ghost hunter, paranormal investigator, ghost buster, or supernatural researcher. These are people who delve into the unexplained because they are seeking their own answers, and they’re driven to help others who may be trying to cope with supernatural phenomena in their own homes.

Some paranormal investigators take a very technical approach—believing that if some form of spirit energy is manifesting itself to the point of moving a physical object, causing a cold spot, or even materializing in some way, then equipment should be able to measure and record the change in the environment. Digital thermometers, electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, video and still cameras, and audio-recording equipment are all poised to capture a ghost in action. Other investigators take more of an esoteric approach, preferring channeling tools such as a talking board (better known by the brand name, Ouija board), a pendulum, dowsing rods, or a psychic person who can act as the go-between for the spirit world to establish contact and prove (or disprove) if a location is truly haunted.

All of these investigators, whether in an organized group or solo, are seeking answers, and it’s a noble pursuit.

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