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Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits by Rudolf F.Graf – Vol. 1 to 6


Author: Rudolph Graf

Publisher: McGraw-Hill


Publish Date: 2016

ISBN-10: B001ECZ6H0

Pages: 1000

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The enthusiastic reception of the first five volumes of The Encyclopedia of Elec­tronic Circuits prompted the authors to produce this volume-the sixth in the pop­ular series.

Taken together, the six volumes contain approximately 6000 circuits-by far the largest and broadest collection of practical electronic circuits available anywhere.

As in the other volumes, the I 000+ circuits presented here are arranged alpha­betically, by category. All circuits in this volume, as well as those from the previous five volumes, arc included in the index, which now has approximately 6000 entries.

We express sincere appreciation to the many electronic industry sources and publishers who graciously allowed us to utilize some of their materials. Their coop­eration is gratefully acknowledged.

Once again, it gives us great pleasure to extend our sincerest thanks to Loretta Gonsalves-Battiste, a fine lady whose skill at the computer and willingness to work long and hard made on-time delivery of the manuscript for this book possibie.

Rudolf F. Graf & William Sheets September 1995


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