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Electronics: A Complete Course (2nd Edition)


Author: Nigel P. Cook

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Publish Date: August 9, 2003

ISBN-10: 131110667

Pages: 1072

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Since World War II, no branch of science has contributed more to the development of the modern world than electronics. It has stimulated dramatic advances in the fields of communication, computing, consumer products, industrial automation, test and measurement, and healthcare. It has now become the largest single industry in the world, exceeding the automobile and oil industries, with annual sales of electronic systems greater than $2 trillion. One of the most important trends in this huge industry has been a gradual shift from analog electronics to digital electronics. This movement began in the 1960s and is almost complete today. In fact, a recent statistic stated that, on average, 90% of the circuitry within electronic systems is now digital and only 10% is analog. This digitization of the electronics industry is merging sectors that were once separate. For example, two of the largest sectors or branches of electronics are computing and communications. Being able to communicate with each other using the common language of digital has enabled computers and communications to interlink, so that computers can now function within communication-based networks, and communications networks can now function through computer-based systems. Industry experts call this merging convergence, and predict that digital electronics will continue to unite the industry and stimulate progress in practically every field of human endeavor.


With many programs compressing their courses in order to devote more time to the electronics system applications, such as communication, computing, industrial, and consumer, a strong need arises for a single electronics fundamentals text. Employing his now renowned student=friendly practical approach, Electronics: A Complete Course by Nigel Cook provides comprehensive coverage of the three electronics fundamental courses:

Part A: DC/AC Electronics
Part B: Semiconductor Devices
Part C: Digital Circuits

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