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Electronic Devices (Conventional Current Version)10th Edition

Electronic Devices (Conventional Current Version)10th Edition PDF

Author: Thomas Floyd

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: January 5, 2017

ISBN-10: 0134414446

Pages: 976

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This tenth edition of Electronic Devices reflects changes recommended by users and reviewers. As in the previous edition, Chapters 1 through 11 are essentially devoted to dis-crete devices and circuits. Chapters 12 through 17 primarily cover linear integrated circuits. Multisim® circuit files in version 14 and LT Spice circuit files are available at the website:

New Features

◆ LT Spice circuit simulation.
◆ Mutlisim files upgraded to Version 14 and new files added.
◆ Several new examples.
◆ Expanded coverage of FETs including JFET limiting parameters, FINFET, UMOSFET, Current source biasing, Cascode dual-gate MOSFET, and tunneling MOSFET.
◆ Expanded coverage of thyristors including SSRs using SCRs, motor speed control.
◆ Expanded coverage of switching circuits including interfacing with logic circuits.
◆ Expanded PLL coverage.
◆ Many new problems.

Standard Features

◆ Full-color format.
◆ Chapter openers include a chapter outline, chapter objectives, introduction, key terms list, Device Application preview, and website reference.
◆ Introduction and objectives for each section within a chapter.
◆ Large selection of worked-out examples set off in a graphic box. Each example has a related problem for which the answer can be found at: www.pearsonglobaleditions .com/Floyd
◆ Multisim® circuit files for selected examples, troubleshooting, and selected prob-lems are on the companion website.
◆ LT Spice circuit files for selected examples and problems are on the companion website.
◆ Section checkup questions are at the end of each section within a chapter. Answers can be found at:
◆ Troubleshooting sections in many chapters.

◆ A Device Application is at the end of most chapters.
◆ A Programmable Analog Technology feature is at the end of selected chapters.
◆ A sectionalized chapter summary, key term glossary, and formula list at the end of each chapter.
◆ True/false quiz, circuit-action quiz, self-test, and categorized problem set with basic and advanced problems at the end of each chapter.
◆ Appendix with answers to odd-numbered problems, glossary, and index are at the end of the book.
◆ Updated PowerPoint® slides, developed by Dave Buchla, are available online. These innovative, interactive slides are coordinated with each text chapter and are an excel-lent tool to supplement classroom presentations.
◆ A laboratory manual by Dave Buchla and Steve Wetterling coordinated with this textbook is available in print.

Student Resources

Digital Resources ( This section offers stu-dents an online study guide that they can check for conceptual understanding of key top-ics. Also included on the website are tutorials for Multisim® and LT Spice. Answers to Section Checkups, Related Problems for Examples, True/False Quizzes, Circuit-Action Quizzes, and Self-Tests are found on this website.
Circut Simulation ( These online files include simulation circuits in Multisim® 14 and LT Spice for selected examples, troubleshoot-ing sections, and selected problems in the text. These circuits were created for use with Multisim® or LT Spice software. These circuit simulation programs are widely regarded as excellent for classroom and laboratory learning. However, no part of your textbook is dependent upon the Multisim® or LT Spice software or provided files.

Instructor Resources

To access supplementary materials online, instructors need to request an instructor access code. Go to to register for an instructor access code. Within 48 hours of registering, you will receive a confirming e-mail including an instructor access code. Once you have received your code, locate your text in the online catalog and click on the Instructor Resources button on the left side of the catalog product page. Select a supplement, and a login page will appear. Once you have logged in, you can access instructor material for all Pearson textbooks. If you have any difficulties accessing the site or downloading a supplement, please contact Customer Service at: http://support.pearson .com/getsupport

Online Instructor’s Resource Manual Includes solutions to chapter problems, Device Application results, summary of Multisim® and LT Spice circuit files, and a test item file. Solutions to the lab manual are also included.

Online Course Support If your program is offering your electronics course in a dis-tance learning format, please contact your local Pearson sales representative for a list of product solutions.
Online PowerPoint® Slides This innovative, interactive PowerPoint slide presenta-tion for each chapter in the book provides an effective supplement to classroom lectures.
Online TestGen This is a test bank of over 800 questions.

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