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Conversational Spanish: in 20 Lessons


Author: R. Diez De La Cortina

Publisher: Cortina


Publish Date: September 15, 1990

ISBN-10: 805014969

Pages: 390

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

How a Knowledge of Spanish Can Help You

No other language today offers Americans so many advan­tages as does Spanish. The Spanish-speaking American can choose from dozens of interesting and well-paid jobs with the government and private industry. These jobs are now open both here in the States and in all the Spanish-speaking countries of South and Central America.

This is not a temporary situation. The future of the United States is definitely linked up with our Latin American· neighbors. Our trade with these countries is at an all-time high and it is bound to increase. Our foreign policies are also a basis of mutual understanding and aid. The Spanish-speaking Ameri­can will always be able to use his knowledge of Spanish to get a better-paying and more interesting job.

The pleasures of travel also are enhanced when you know how to speak and understand Spanish. Both Spain and the countries of Latin America offer a tremendous variety of exotic and scenic beauties for a most memorable visit. From the art and culture of Spain, to the historical monuments of Mexico and Peru, from the dramatic scenery of Argentina and Chile to the sunny beaches of Venezuela and Central America-the Spanish-speaking world holds myriad treasures. And since travel is becoming faster and easier all the time, these treasures are available to more and more Americans.

When you arrive in Latin America, your knowledge of Spanish will be a great help. You will be welcomed as a cultured neighbor instead of “just a tourist”. You will feel confident to travel off the “beaten path” to see the unusual sights that are closed to the traveler who does not speak Spanish. You will be invited into people’s homes and get the real foreign flavor. And, incidentally, you’ll find that your knowledge of the language saves you money in dealing with tradespeople, hotel clerks, ticket agents and so on.

Finally, your knowledge of Spanish will offer you many cul­tural pleasures through a fuller understanding of the literature and art of both Spain and Spanish America. The works of Lope de Vega, Cervantes, Calderon and others are but imperfectly known to most English-speaking people, because the true mean­ing, richness and humor of these immortal authors are lost when they are not read in the original Spanish. Discover these literary treasures for yourself and have the real fun of learning Spanish at the same time.

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