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Construction Methods and Management (7th Edition)


Author: Stephens W. Nunnally

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Publish Date: July 22, 2006

ISBN-10: 131716859

Pages: 576

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This book is based on the author’s years of experience in construction, engineering, and education. The objective of this seventh edition continues to be to guide construction engineers and construction managers in planning, estimating, and directing construction operations in a manner that will attain the best possible results. It is believed that the material presented is comprehensive enough to serve as the basic text for a variety of construction courses as well as for self-study. For an introductory course, upper-division college and university-level students should be able to cover the material in one semester. For more in-depth coverage, the material may be split between two or more courses. Topics may, of course, be omitted or augmented as appropriate to the nature of the course and the desires of the instructor. In solving the computer problems contained in the end-ofchapter exercises, it is suggested that students be encouraged to use electronic spreadsheets and their associated functions in addition to conventional computer programming languages. Instructors are reminded that an Instructor’s Manual is available from the publisher. It is strongly recommended that study of the text in an academic environment be supplemented by visits to construction projects and/or audiovisual material.

Responding to industry developments and user comments, this edition incorporates new and revised material to reflect current developments in the construction industry. New and expanded topics include building codes, concrete and masonry construction, construction economics, construction productivity, construction safety, design of concrete formwork, fuel-resistant asphalt, soil and asphalt compaction, and wood preservation, in addition to updated text, illustrations, references, and end-of-chapter problems.

It would not be possible to produce a book of this type without the assistance of many individuals and organizations. The assistance of construction industry associations and construction equipment manufacturers in providing information and photographs and in permitting reproduction of certain elements of their material is gratefully acknowledged. Where possible, appropriate credit has been provided. I would also like to express my appreciation to my colleagues and to my former students for their helpful comments and suggestions. In addition, particular thanks are due to Charles Patrick, Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, for his assistance with the seventh edition text review.

Comments from readers regarding errors and suggestions for improvement are solicited. Please send to [email protected]

S. W. Nunnally

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