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Computer Networks, Fifth Edition: A Systems Approach


Author: Larry L. Peterson

Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann


Publish Date: March 25, 2011

ISBN-10: 123850592

Pages: 920

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Once again, this now-classic textbook has been revised to keep it up-to-date with our evolving field. While the Internet and its protocols now dominate networking everywhere, we see continued evolution in the technology used to support the Internet, with switching at “layer 2” providing rich functionality and powerful tools for network management. The previous edition dealt with switching and routing in two chapters, but a presentation based on layers is not always the best way to convey the essentials of the material, since what we call switching and routing actually play similar and complementary roles. This edition of the book looks at these topics in an integrated way, which brings out their functional similarities and differences. More advanced topics in routing have been moved to a second chapter that can be skipped, depending on the emphasis and level of the class.

Some moribund technologies are nowmissing or minimized, including token ring (one of my old favorites, but clearly it was time to go) and ATM. This edition recognizes that we need to pay more attention to application design, and not just packet forwarding. Wireless and mobility gets more attention as well.

The authors, once again, have worked hard to produce a revision that conveys the essentials of the field in a way that is pedagogically effective. I am pleased to say that I think it is better than ever.

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