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Complete Chemistry for JEE main 2019

Complete Chemistry for JEE main 2019 PDF

Author: Westland

Publisher: Z_Savera

Publish Date: 2015

ISBN-10: 9789387572553

Pages: 1090

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

To help students preparing for the JEE Main, there was need for a book which included a variety of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) designed on the basis of the prescribed syllabus for this examination. This book is an attempt in this direction and will help students in developing a strong foundation and enough confidence to take the JEE Main. The various topics of chemistry may be classified into three branches—Physical, Inorganic and Organic. The book covers these three branches in 29 chapters. Each chapter starts with the synopsis of theory followed by MCQs along with answers and hints and solutions to arrive at correct answers. Wherever needed, the chapter is divided into sections to cover the subject in easily understandable portions to help in better grasping of the subject matter. Each section/chapter ends with MCQs from the previous years’ AIEEE and JEE Main. This will help students in getting an idea about the types and levels of questions asked in this competitive examination. The answers and solutions to these questions are provided separately, immediately after the questions.

The analyses of these papers (provided on the next page) reveals that in most of the cases, one question is asked from each chapter and the entire syllabus is covered in the examination paper. This book provides extensive coverage of the theory as well as the associated MCQs. The contents of each chapter are covered in various sections. At the end of all the sections, more extensive MCQs based on the Entire Chapter along with their solutions are also included. It will be beneficial for the students to adopt the present book as the reference book along with their main text book. The MCQs included in this book should be attempted along with the class-room teaching of the subject matter. A regular and periodical review of the theory and MCQs from this book will help students in gaining enough confidence to appear in the JEE Main and enable them to face the challenge of successfully clearing this examination. From the analyses of previous years’ question papers, a pattern of predominant topics emerges on which students should pay more attention while preparing for the examination. These are: Physical Chemistry—Entire portion

Inorganic Chemistry has been thoroughly revised and updated—Chemical families—perioidic properties, structures of compounds containing Si, N, P, S, halogens and inert gases, d-block elements and coordination chemistry Organic Chemistry—Stereoisomerism, SN1 and S22 Reactions, Reactions involving rearrangement, Chemistry of typical reactions shown by phenols, aldehydes and ketones and amines, relative acidity/basicity of phenolic, Carboxylic acids and amines, polymers, carbohydrates, stereochemistry involved in halogenation of alkenes and dehalogenation of halogenated compounds to give alkene, reactions involving Grignard reagent and diazonium salt.

K.L. Kapoor

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