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Competitive Math for Middle School: Algebra, Probability, and Number Theory


Author: Vinod Krishnamoorthy

Publisher: Jenny Stanford Publishing


Publish Date: March 6, 2018

ISBN-10: 9814774138

Pages: 266

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

I originally began writing this textbook after teaching creative math to middle school students, who were endlessly fascinated, just as I had been, with the field of mathematics. This book is a compilation of important concepts used in competition mathematics in Algebra, Counting/Probability, and Number Theory. Over 420 problems are provided with detailed solutions found at the end of each chapter. These solutions are intended to guide students to identify a promising approach and to execute the necessary math. I recommend that students try all of the problems, even if they seem intimidating, and use the solutions to the problems as part of the learning process; they are as essential to learning as the teachings and examples given in the body of the text. After reading the solution, students should try to reproduce it themselves. My hope is to provide not only mathematical facts and techniques but also examples of how they may be applied, so that the student gains a thorough understanding of the material and confidence in their problem-solving abilities.

Creative math is becoming increasingly important in schools all over the world. The new trend is conspicuous in the remodeling of standardized tests such as the American SAT, the standard entrance exam for U.S. colleges. Advanced middle school students and high school students can use this book to gain an advantage in school and develop critical thinking skills.

Vinod Krishnamoorthy

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