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College Algebra 9th Edition


Author: Ron Larson

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Publish Date: January 1, 2013

ISBN-10: 1133963021

Pages: 752

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

College Algebra, Ninth Edition. I am proud to present to you this new edition. As with all editions, I have been able to incorporate many useful comments from you, our user. And while much has changed in this revision, you will still find what you expect—a pedagogically sound, mathematically precise, and comprehensive textbook. Additionally, I am pleased and excited to offer you something brand new—a companion website at My goal for every edition of this textbook is to provide students with the tools that they need to master algebra. I hope you find that the changes in this edition, together with, will help accomplish just that.

New To This Edition

This companion website offers multiple tools and resources to supplement your learning. Access to these features is free. View and listen to worked-out solutions of Checkpoint problems in English or Spanish, download data sets, work on chapter projects, watch lesson videos, and much more.

NEW Chapter Opener
Each Chapter Opener highlights real-life applications used in the examples and exercises

NEW Summarize
The Summarize feature at the end of each section helps you organize the lesson’s key concepts into
a concise summary, providing you with a valuable study tool.

NEW How Do You See It?
The How Do You See It? feature in each section presents a real-life exercise that you will solve by visual inspection using the concepts learned in the lesson. This exercise is excellent for classroom discussion or test preparation.

NEW Checkpoints
Accompanying every example, the Checkpoint problems encourage immediate practice and check your understanding of the concepts presented in the example. View and listen to worked-out solutions of the Checkpoint problems in English or Spanish at

NEW Data Spreadsheets
Download these editable spreadsheets from, and use the data to solve exercises.

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