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Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques, 8th Edition

Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques, 8th Edition PDF

Author: Anne Griffin Perry , Patricia A. Potter,

Publisher: Mosby


Publish Date: February 28, 2013

ISBN-10: 0323083838

Pages: 1216

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The evolution of technology and knowledge influences the way we  teach clinical skills to nursing students and improves the quality  of care possible for every patient. However, the foundation for  success in performing nursing skills remains a competent, wellinformed nurse who thinks critically and asks the right questions  at the right time. That outcome is the driving factor behind this  new edition.
In this eighth edition of Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques we  have adapted our headings to bring content relevant to the Quality  and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative to the forefront.
You will now find sections on Evidence-Based Practice, PatientCentered Care, Safety, and Documentation and Collaboration, making  the related content even more visible. The opening chapter on
Using Evidence in Nursing Practice prepares the student to understand and use the evidence-based practice information included in  every chapter.
New content areas include Communicating with a Cognitively  Impaired Patient (Skill 3-5), Adverse Event/Incident Reporting
(Procedural Guideline 4-4), Caring for Patients with MultidrugResistant Organisms (MDRO) and Clostridium difficile (Procedural Guideline 7-1), and Wheelchair Transfer Techniques (Procedural Guideline 9-1). All other topics have been updated to  the most recent standards in nursing practice.
Your students will find that Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques provides a comprehensive resource that will serve them well  through their nursing training and right into their clinical practice  careers.
• Over 200 basic, intermediate, and advanced nursing skills and  procedures.
• Five-step nursing process format provides a consistent presentation that helps students apply the process while learning each  skill.
• Skills and Procedures list, Objectives, and Key Terms open  each chapter.
• Over 1200 full-color photos and drawings help students  master the material covered.
• Evidence-Based Practice in each chapter presents students  with the newest scientific evidence for the procedures and protocols presented. Recent research findings are discussed, and their implications for patient care are explored.
• Rationales are given for steps within skills so students learn the  why as well as the how of each skill. Rationales include citations  from the current literature.
• Clinical Decision Points alert students to key steps that affect  patient outcomes and help them modify care as needed to meet  individual patient needs.
• Recording and Reporting sections follow the evaluation discussion and alert students to what information should be documented in each situation.
• Delegation and Collaboration defines communication within  the patient care team and the nurse’s responsibility when delegating to assistive personnel.
• Unexpected Outcomes and Related Interventions remind  students to be alert for potential problems and help them determine appropriate nursing interventions.
• Special Considerations sections include additional considerations when performing the skill for specific populations of  patients or in specific settings and may include:
– Teaching Considerations
– Pediatric Considerations
– Geriatric Considerations
– Home Care Considerations
• Glossary defines all key terms.

• Quick Response codes (scan with smartphone or tablet with  camera to view video clips) on the text pages link video clips  to the appropriate skill or procedure, allowing students to view  the video immediately after reading the implementation section  of the skill.
• NSO icon links text content with the new edition of Nursing  Skills Online, which has been simultaneously revised with the  textbook to provide completely coordinated information.
• Patient-Centered Care section in each chapter prepares nurses  to recognize the importance of having patients partner in performing skills in a compassionate and coordinated way based on  respect for patient’s preferences, values, and needs (QSEN core  competency).
• Safety Guidelines section in each chapter covers global recommendations on the safe execution of the particular skill set  covered (QSEN core competency).
• Expanded and improved end-of-chapter exercises include a  case study as well as review questions.
• Additional review questions on Evolve include a brand new  set of unique questions for every chapter.
• TEACH for RN instructor manual helps you capitalize on the  all new clinical material in the text, new skills video series, and  online course. Additional case studies and discussion questions  unique to the TEACH manual expand the in-class material  available to you.
• For the first time, an Image Collection is available with Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques.

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