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Clayton’s Basic Pharmacology for Nurses 18th Edition

Clayton’s Basic Pharmacology for Nurses 18th Edition PDF

Author: Michelle Willihnganz

Publisher: Mosby


Publish Date: February 28, 2019

ISBN-10: 0323550614

Pages: 848

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The eighteenth edition of Clayton’s Basic Pharmacology for Nurses, in the tradition of the book’s standards first established in 1957, advocates the administration of medication with safety and precision while focusing on medication safety through medication monitoring and patient education. In the practice setting, the nurse not only must demonstrate knowledge of the underlying disease process but also must be able to perform an accurate assessment to identify individualized nursing diagnoses. The nurse must also plan and implement care in a manner that involves the patient as an active participant in decisions affecting care. Therefore, a primary concern throughout this book is the integration of patient teaching about drug therapy to enable the patient to reach therapeutic goals and attain an optimum level of health. The nurse must also validate patient understanding to ensure that the individual has the ability to provide safe self-care and monitoring of the prescribed treatment plan. User friendly in content, structure, and layout, the text is concise and easy to read. With its emphasis on the seven Rights of Drug Administration (right drug, right time, right indication, right dosage, right patient, right route, and right documentation),Clayton’s Basic Pharmacology for Nurses provides students with the information needed to provide safe, effective nursing care for patients receiving drug therapy.

Organization and Special Features Content Threads
Clayton’s Basic Pharmacology for Nurses, eighteenth edition, shares some features and design elements with other Elsevier books that you may be using. The purpose of these Content Threads is to make it easier for students and instructors to use the variety of books required by a fast-paced and demanding curriculum.

The shared features in Basic Pharmacology for Nurses, eighteenth edition, include the following:
• Cover and internal design similarities; the colorful, student-friendly design encourages reading and learning of this core content
• Numbered lists of Objectives that begin each chapter
• Key Terms with pronunciations at the beginning of each chapter; the key terms are in color when they are defined in the chapter
• Bulleted lists of Key Points at the end of each chapter
• Multiple-choice and multiple-response Review Questions for the NCLEX® Examination at the end of each chapter; answers are provided on the Evolve student website.


Unit I explores pharmacology foundations, principles, life span considerations, the nursing process with pharmacology, and patient education. Unit II contains the unique Illustrated Atlas of Medication Administration that provides extensive step-by-step instructions and illustrations that show primary routes of administration and proper administration techniques for all forms of medications. Units III through X provide an overview of each drug class, followed by narrative discussions of the most common individual drugs. The units and chapters are organized by body system.
Chapter Organization
• Each drug chapter in Units III through X begins with an overview of a clinical problem and its management.
• The general nursing implications section includes clearly identified headings for Assessment, Implementation, and Patient Education. The Patient Education section helps the nurse incorporate patient education designed to promote health into the overall treatment plan.
• Drug monographs are provided for each major drug class. These monographs describe Actions, Uses, and Therapeutic Outcomes for each class.
• A drug class–specific nursing implications section for each drug monograph highlights Premedication Assessment, Product Availability Dosing Instructions, Common Adverse Effects, Serious Adverse Effects, and Drug Interactions

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