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Classical Music For Dummies


Author: David Pogue and Scott Speck

Publisher: For Dummies;


Publish Date: July 7, 2015

ISBN-10: 111904975X

Pages: 384

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

By opening this book, you’ve taken a flying leap into the frightening, mysterious, larger‐than‐life universe of classical music, where 100 people dressed like 18th‐century waiters fill the stage, doing some very strange things to hunks of metal and wood, filling the air with strange and exotic sounds.

We can sense the hair beginning to rise on the back of your neck already. But don’t be afraid; whether you know it or not, you’ve experienced classical music all your life — in movies and video games, on TV, on the radio, and in elevators everywhere. We’re willing to wager that you already know more than you need to get started.

About This Book

We know that you’re a highly intelligent person. After all, you managed to select this book from among a whole shelf (or website) of highly qualified music books.

But in this vast, complex, information‐overload society, you’re expected to be fully conversant with 1,006,932,408.7 different subjects. (The .7 is for square dancing, which doesn’t quite qualify as a complete subject.) So it’s only natural that even the greatest genius doesn’t know everything. It happens that you, O Reader, are still in the incipient stages of Classical Music Geniusdom.

That’s why we use the words “For Dummies” with a twinkle in our eye. Truth be told, this book is for intelligent people who want to discover more about a new subject. And for us, it’s a chance to share with you what we love. If you’ve never touched an instrument or sung a song, Classical Music For Dummies, Second Edition can give you the basic understanding you need.

If you want an easy‐to‐read reference when you hear a recording or attend a concert, this book provides it. If you want to get a thorough grounding in the subject, the book allows for that too. Even if you’re already very well versed in classical music (and a surprising number of our readers are), you can discover something in each chapter to enhance your delight even further. This book is meant to meet you wherever you are and bring you to a new level. We’ve even been thrilled to discover that many teachers have used our book as a text in classes about music history, theory, composition, orchestration, or appreciation. Well, sure, that works too!

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