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Cie Complete Igcse Core Mathematics 5th Edition Book

Cie Complete Igcse Core Mathematics 5th Edition Book PDF

Author: Rayner

Publisher: Oxford


Publish Date: May 29, 2018

ISBN-10: 019842504X

Pages: Pages

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

About this book
This revised 5th edition is designed to provide the best preparation for your Cambridge IGCSE examination, and has been completely updated for the latest Mathematics 0580 and 0980 Core syllabus.
Finding your way around
To get the most out of this book when studying or revising, use the:

• Contents list to help you find the appropriate units.
• Index to find any key concept straight away

Exercises and exam-style questions
There are thousands of questions in this book, providing ample opportunities to practise the skills and techniques required in the exam.

• Worked examples and comprehensive exercises are one of the main features of the book The examples show you the important skills and techniques required. The exercises are carefully graded, starting from the basics and going up to exam standard, allowing you to practise the skills and techniques.
• Revision exercises at the end of each unit allow you to bring together all your knowledge on a particular topic.
• Examination-style exercises at the end of each unit consist of questions from past Cambridge IGCSE papers.
• Examination-style papers: there are two papers, corresponding to the papers you will take at the end of your course: Paper 1 and Paper 3. They give you the opportunity to practise for the real thing.
• Revision section: Unit 12 contains multiple-choice questions to provide an extra opportunity to revise.
• Answers to numerical problems are at the end of the book so you can check your progress.

Unit 11 provides many opportunities for you to explore the world of mathematical problem-solving through investigations, puzzles and games.
Links to curriculum content
At the start of each unit you will find a list of objectives that are covered in the unit. These objectives are drawn from the Core sections of the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus.
What’s on the website?
The support website contains a wealth of material to help solidify your understanding of the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics course, and to aid revision for your examinations.

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