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Chemistry in Context 6th Edition

Chemistry in Context 6th Edition PDF

Author: Lucy T. Eubanks

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education


Publish Date: January 2008

ISBN-10: 0073048763

Pages: 672

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Special Acknowledgments

It is always a pleasure to bring a new textbook or new edition to fruition. But the work is not done by just one individual. It is a team effort, one that comprises the work of many talented individuals. The sixth edition builds on the proud tradition of prior author teams, led by A. Truman Schwartz of Macalester College for the fi rst and second editions, and by Conrad L. Stanitski from the University of Central Arkansas for the third and fourth editions. We have been fortunate to have the unstinting support and encouragement of the ACS Division of Ed ucation, led during much of the preparation of this edition by the now-retired Sylvia A. Ware. The new director, Mary M. Kirchoff, continues this legacy of enthusiasm and understanding of our mutual goals. We also recognize the able assistance of Jerry A. Bell and Corrie Y. Kuniyoshi of the ACS Division of Education offi ce during preparation of the sixth edition.

The McGraw-Hill team has been superb in all aspects of this project. Marty Lange (Director of Editorial), Thomas Timp (Publisher), Tamara Hodge (Senior Sponsoring Editor), and Shirley Oberbroeckling (Senior Developmental Editor) led this outstanding team. Todd Turner serves as the Marketing Manager. The Senior Project Manager is Gloria Schiesl, who coordinates the production team of Carrie Burger (Lead Photo Researcher), Kara Kudronowicz (Production Supervisor), and Melissa Leick (Projects Coordinator). The Lead Media Producer is Daryl Brufl odt and Sandra Schnee serves as Senior Media Project Manager. The team also benefi ted from the knowledgeable editing of Linda Davoli and from the persistent work of Pam Carley in tracking down elusive images. Dwaine Eubanks of LATEst IDEas, Inc., brought both his chemical knowledge and computer-based artistic skills together to continue the high standard for the art in this edition. His ability to respond quickly and expertly to the needs of the author team was integral to our success.

The sixth edition is the product of a collaborative effort among writing team members— Lucy Pryde Eubanks, Catherine H. Middlecamp, Carl E. Heltzel, and Steven W. Keller. This is the maiden voyage in this realm for Steve Keller as a new coauthor and colleague. We welcome him to the team and have benefi ted from his diverse expertise. We are very excited by the new features of this sixth edition, which exemplify how we continue to “press the envelope” to bring chemistry in creative, appropriate ways to nonscience majors, while being honest to the science. We look forward to your comments.

Lucy Pryde Eubanks
Senior Author and Editor-in-Chief
January 2008

Brief Contents
0 Why the Spiderweb? 2
1 The Air We Breathe 8
2 Protecting the Ozone Layer 56
3 The Chemistry of Global Warming 100
4 Energy, Chemistry, and Society 150
5 The Water We Drink 194
6 Neutralizing the Threat of Acid Rain 238
7 The Fires of Nuclear Fission 282
8 Energy from Electron Transfer 330
9 The World of Plastics and Polymers 368
10 Manipulating Molecules and Designing Drugs 404
11 Nutrition: Food for Thought 452
12 Genetic Engineering and the Molecules of Life 496
1 Measure for Measure: Conversion Factors and Constants 529
2 The Power of Exponents 531
3 Clearing the Logjam 533
4 Answers to Your Turn Questions Not Answered in the Text 535
5 Answers to Selected End-of-Chapter Questions Indicated in
Color in the Text 547

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