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Chemistry for Today: General, Organic, and Biochemistry 9th Edition

Chemistry for Today: General, Organic, and Biochemistry 9th Edition PDF

Author: Spencer L. Seager

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Publish Date: January 1, 2017

ISBN-10: ‎ 9781305960060

Pages: 960

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The image of Chemistry
We, as authors, are pleased that the acceptance of the previous eight editions of this textbook by students and their teachers has made it possible to publish this ninth edition. In  the earlier editions, we expressed our concern about the negative image of chemistry held  by many of our students, and their genuine fear of working with chemicals in the laboratory. Unfortunately, this negative image not only persists, but seems to be intensifying.  Reports in the media related to chemicals or to chemistry continue to be primarily negative, and in many cases seem to be designed to increase the fear and concern of the general  public. With this edition, we continue to hope that those who use this book will gain a  more positive understanding and appreciation of the important contributions that chemistry makes in their lives. theme and organization

This edition continues the theme of the positive and useful contributions made by  chemistry in our world.

This text is designed to be used in either a two-semester or three-quarter course of study  that provides an introduction to general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry.
Most students who take such courses are majoring in nursing, other health professions, or  the life sciences, and consider biochemistry to be the most relevant part of the course of  study. However, an understanding of biochemistry depends upon a sound background in  organic chemistry, which in turn depends upon a good foundation in general chemistry.
We have attempted to present the general and organic chemistry in sufficient depth and  breadth to make the biochemistry understandable.

The decisions about what to include and what to omit from the text were based on our  combined 75-plus years of teaching, input from numerous reviewers and adopters, and  our philosophy that a textbook functions as a personal tutor to each student. In the role  of a personal tutor, a text must be more than just a collection of facts, data, and exercises.
It should also help students relate to the material they are studying, carefully guide them  through more difficult material, provide them with interesting and relevant examples of  chemistry in their lives, and become a reference and a resource that they can use in other  courses or their professions.

New to this edition

In this ninth edition of the text, we have some exciting new features, including Ask a Pharmacist boxes written by Marvin Orrock and Chemistry Tips for Living Well. We have also  retained features that received a positive reception from our own students, the students of  other adopters, other teachers, and reviewers. The retained features are Case Studies, which  begin each chapter, including 8 new to this edition; 45 Chemistry Around Us boxes, including 19 new to this edition; 23 Study Skills boxes; 4 How Reactions Occur boxes; and 10 Ask  an Expert boxes. The 12 Ask a Pharmacist boxes reflect coverage of both prescription and  nonprescription health-related products. The 25 Chemistry Tips for Living Well contain current chemistry-related health issues and suggestions. In addition, approximately 10% of the  end-of- chapter exercises have been changed.

Also new to this edition are many new photographs and updated art to further enhance  student comprehension of key concepts, processes, and preparation.

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