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Chemistry, 7th Edition


Author: John E. McMurry and Robert C. Fay

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: January 10, 2015

ISBN-10: 321943171

Pages: 1168

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

For the Student

Francie came away from her first chemistry lecture in a glow. In one hour she found out that everything was made up of atoms which were in continual motion. She grasped the idea that nothing was ever lost or destroyed. Even if something was burned up or rotted away, it did not disappear from the face of the earth; it changed into something else—gases, liquids, and powders. Everything, decided Francie after that first lecture, was vibrant with life and there was no death in chemistry. She was puzzled as to why learned people didn’t adopt chemistry as a religion.
—Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

OK, not everyone has such a breathless response to their chemistry lectures, and few would mistake chemistry as a religion, yet chemistry is a subject with great logical beauty. We love chemistry because it explains the “why” behind many observations of the world around us and we use it every day to help us make informed choices about our health, lifestyle, and politics. Moreover, chemistry is the fundamental, enabling science that underlies many of the great advances of the last century that have so lengthened and enriched our lives. Chemistry provides a strong understanding of the physical world and will give you the foundation you need to go on and make important contributions to science and humanity.


Brief Contents
Preface xii
For Instructors xiv
1 Chemical Tools: Experimentation and Measurement 1
2 Atoms, Molecules, and Ions 33
3 Mass Relationships in Chemical Reactions 77
4 Reactions in Aqueous Solution 111
5 Periodicity and the Electronic Structure of Atoms 154
6 Ionic Compounds: Periodic Trends and Bonding Theory 195
7 Covalent Bonding and Electron-Dot Structures 222
8 Covalent Compounds: Bonding Theories and Molecular Structure 261
9 Thermochemistry: Chemical Energy 311
10 Gases: Their Properties and Behavior 358
11 Liquids, Solids, and Phase Changes 410
12 Solutions and Their Properties 447
13 Chemical Kinetics 491
14 Chemical Equilibrium 553
15 Aqueous Equilibria: Acids and Bases 603
16 Applications of Aqueous Equilibria 656
17 Thermodynamics: Entropy, Free Energy, and Equilibrium 715
18 Electrochemistry 756
19 Nuclear Chemistry 808
20 Transition Elements and Coordination Chemistry 840
21 Metals and Solid-State Materials 892
22 The Main-Group Elements 927
23 Organic and Biological Chemistry 978

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