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Campbell Biology by Steven Jane B. Reece

Campbell Biology by Steven Jane B. Reece PDF

Author: Steven Jane B. Reece

Publisher: Pearson Canada


Publish Date: January 1, 2018

ISBN-10: 0134189116

Pages: Pages

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

We are honoured to present the Second Canadian Edition of Campbell BIOLOGY. For the last three decades,  Campbell BIOLOGY has been the leading university text  in the biological sciences. It has been translated into more  than a dozen languages and has provided millions of students  with a solid foundation in university-level biology. This success is a testament not only to Neil Campbell’s original vision  but also to the dedication of thousands of reviewers, who,  together with editors, artists, and contributors, have shaped  and inspired this work.
Our goals for the Second Canadian Edition include:
• increasing visual literacy through figures, tutorials, and  problems that guide students to a deeper understanding of  the ways in which figures represent biological structure and  function.
• giving students a strong foundation in scientific thinking  and quantitative reasoning skills
• inspiring students with the excitement and relevance  of modern biology, particularly in the realm of genomics
Our starting point, as always, is our commitment to crafting  text and visuals that are accurate, current, and reflect our passion for teaching and learning about biology.

New to This Edition

Here we provide an overview of the new  features that we have developed for the  Second Canadian Edition; we invite you to  explore pages for more information and examples.
• Scientific Skills Exercises in every  chapter use real data to help students  learn and practise data interpretation,  graphing, experimental design, and  math skills. Scientific Skills Exercises  have assignable, automatically graded  versions in MasteringBiology.
• Interpret the Data Questions throughout the text engage students  in scientific inquiry by asking them  to interpret data presented in a graph,  figure, or table. The Interpret the DatQuestions can be assigned and automatically graded in  MasteringBiology.
• The impact of genomics across biology is explored  throughout the Second Canadian Edition with examples  that reveal how our ability to rapidly sequence DNA  and proteins on a massive scale is transforming all areas of  biology, from molecular and cell biology to phylogenetics, physiology, and ecology.
• Synthesize Your Knowledge Questions at the end  of each chapter ask students to synthesize the material  in the chapter and demonstrate their big-picture understanding. A striking, thought-provoking photograph  leads to a question that helps students realize that what  they have learned in the chapter connects to their world  and provides understanding and insight into natural  phenomena.
• The impact of climate change is explored throughout  the text, starting with an introduction in Chapter 1,  and concluding with the Exploring Climate Change  Figure 56.27.
• The Second Canadian Edition provides a range  of new practice and Assessment Opportunities in  MasteringBiology®. Besides the Scientific Skills Exercises and Interpret the Data Questions, Solve It Tutorials in MasteringBiology engage students in a multistep investigation of a “mystery” or open question.  Acting as scientists, students must analyze  real data and work through a simulated  investigation. In addition, students can use  the Dynamic Study Modules to study  anytime and anywhere with their smartphone, tablet, or computer.
•  Learning Catalytics™ allows students  to use their smartphone, tablet, or laptop to respond to questions in class.
•  As in each new edition of Campbell BIOLOGY, the Second Canadian Edition incorporates new content and  organizational improvements. These  are summarized on pp. xxv–xxvii, following this Preface. Additional content  updates reflect rapid, ongoing changes  in technology and knowledge in the  fields of genomics, gene editing technology (CRISPR), and more

Our Hallmark Features

Teachers of general biology face a daunting challenge: to  help students acquire a conceptual framework for organizing an ever-expanding amount of information. The hallmark  features of Campbell BIOLOGY provide such a framework  while promoting a deeper understanding of biology and the  process of science. Chief among the themes of Campbell BIOLOGY is evolution. Chapters throughout the text  include at least one Evolution section that explicitly focuses  on evolutionary aspects of the chapter material, and chapters  end with an Evolution Connection Question and a Write  about a Theme Question.

To help students distinguish the “forest from the  trees,” each chapter is organized around a framework of  three to seven carefully chosen Key Concepts. The text,  Concept Check Questions, Summary of Key Concepts,  and MasteringBiology all reinforce these main ideas and  essential facts.

Because text and illustrations are equally important for  learning biology, integration of text and figures has been a  hallmark of this text since the first edition. The Exploring  Figures and Make Connections Figures epitomize this  approach. Each Exploring Figure is a learning unit of core  content that brings together related illustrations and text,  whereas Make Connections Figures use art and text to illustrate  how key ideas link together what might appear to be discrete  and disparate topics in introductory biology. To encourage active reading of the text, Campbell BIOLOGY includes numerous opportunities for students to  stop and think about what they are reading, often by putting  pencil to paper to draw a sketch, annotate a figure, or graph  data. Active reading questions include Make Connections  Questions, What If? Questions, Figure Legend Questions,  Draw It Questions, Summary Questions, and the new Synthesize Your Knowledge and Interpret the Data Questions.  The answers to most of these questions require students to  write as well as think and thus help develop the core competency of communicating science.
Finally, Campbell BIOLOGY has always featured  scientific inquiry, an essential component of any biology  course. Complementing stories of scientific discovery in the  text narrative, the unit-opening interviews, and our standardsetting Inquiry Figures all deepen the ability of students to  understand how we know what we know. Scientific Inquiry  Questions give students opportunities to practise scientific thinking, along with the new Scientific Skills Exercises and  Interpret the Data Questions. Together, these activities provide  students practice both in applying the process of science and in  using quantitative reasoning

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