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Brock Biology of Microorganisms (13th Edition)


Author: Michael T. Madigan and John M. Martinko

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings


Publish Date: December 27, 2010

ISBN-10: 032164963X

Pages: 1152

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The authors and Benjamin Cummings Publishers proudlypresent the 13th edition of Brock Biology of Microorganisms (BBOM 13/e). This book is truly a milestone in the annals of microbiology textbooks. Brock Biology of Microorganisms, and its predecessor, Biology of Microorganisms, has introduced the field of microbiology to students for 41 years, more than any other textbook of microbiology. Nevertheless, although this book goes back over four decades, its two main objectives have remained firm since the first edition was published in 1970: (1) to present the principles of microbiology in a clear and engaging fashion, and (2) to provide the classroom tools necessary for delivering outstanding microbiology courses. The 13th edition of BBOM fulfills these objectives in new and exciting ways.

Veteran textbook authors Madigan, Martinko, and Clark welcome our new coauthor, Dave Stahl, to this edition of BBOM. Dave is one of the world’s foremost experts in microbial ecology and has masterfully crafted an exciting new view of the ecology material in BBOM, including a new chapter devoted entirely to microbial symbioses, a first for any textbook of microbiology. Users will find that the themes of ecology and evolution that have permeated this book since its inception reach new heights in the 13th edition. These fundamental themes also underlie the remaining content of the book—the basic principles of microbiology, the molecular biology and genetics that support microbiology today, the huge diversity of metabolisms and organisms, and the medical and immunological facets of microbiology. It is our belief that outstanding content coupled with outstanding presentation have come together to make BBOM 13/e the most comprehensive and effective textbook of microbiology available today.

What’s New in the 13th Edition?

In terms of content and pedagogy, instructors who have used BBOM previously will find the 13th edition to be the same old friend they remember; that is, a book loaded with accurate, upto- the-minute content that is impeccably organized and visually enticing. The 36 chapters in BBOM 13/e are organized into modules by numbered head, which allows instructors to fine-tune course content to the needs of their students. In addition, study aids and review tools are an integral part of the text. Our new MiniQuiz feature, which debuts in the 13th edition, is designed to quiz students’ comprehension as they work their way through each chapter. Also new to this edition is the end-of-chapter review tool called “Big Ideas.” These capsule summaries pull together the key concepts from each numbered section in a wrap-up style that is certain to be a big hit with students, especially the night before examinations! Our end-of-chapter key terms list, two detailed appendices, a comprehensive glossary, and a thorough index complete the hard copy learning package. Many additional learning resources are available online (see below).

In terms of presentation, BBOM 13/e will easily draw in and engage the reader. The book has been designed in a beautiful yet simple fashion that gives the art and pedagogical elements the breathing room they need to be effective and the authors the freedom to present concepts in a more visually appealing way. Supporting the narrative are spectacular illustrations, with every piece of art rendered in a refreshing new style. Moreover, the art complements, and in many cases integrates, the hundreds of photos in BBOM, many of which are new to the 13th edition. And, as users of BBOM have come to expect, our distinctive illustrations remain the most accurate and consistent of those in any microbiology textbook today.

The authors are keenly aware that it is easy to keep piling on new material and fattening up a textbook. In response to this trend, BBOM 13/e went on a diet. With careful attention to content and presentation, BBOM 13/e is actually a shorter book than BBOM 12/e. The authors have carefully considered every topic to ensure that content at any point in the book is a reflection of both what the student already knows and what the student needs to know in a world where microbiology has become the most exciting and relevant of the biological sciences. The result is a more streamlined and exciting treatment of microbiology

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