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Blood of Four Dragons by Lisa Jones


Author: Lisa Jones

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services


Publish Date: 31/08/2012

ISBN-10: B0094P41SY

Pages: 122

File Type: pdf,mobi,lit,rtf,lrf,html,txt,fb2,epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

Dragons still exist on the world of Oleskia, far to the North on a continent untouched by any race of mortal being they sleep. The world of transition goes on; dragons have passed into myth, a story for a child at bedtime. The dwarf lord of Thazdulrene has been told of their rumored existence, so despite not having an encounter with one in over fifteen hundred years the dwarven people still hold the possibility the age of the ravaging dragons could return. Calamity seems to come from underground and the dwarves always have the misfortune of being on the frontline of every war. Another less stout people would have passed into extinction long ago. The dragons sleep, fifteen hundred years ago Zangoath who is the true lord of evil, also the master and creator of this current ages dark lord, his protégé Zangonath created a spell using the fog crystal, rending one of the invisible worlds and extracting only dark energies, using them to control the minds of the four dragon lords through the murkiness of the fog crystal, directing them to ravage the lands of the world. Zangoath had no concern for the people, not even as slave labor. He only wanted power, power over the dragons and secondly power to remake the world his kingdom for unspeakable evil, so he could own all.

By this rending he corrupted the minds of the once benevolent and wise dragon lords. This rending far exceeded the limits given to a sorcerer no matter how powerful they may think their dark magic makes them.  Zangoath’s rending caused Xamuiez, the carrier of the universe to intervene. Zangoath was stripped of his power, changed into the form a hideously crippled old man and had the same spell of corruption placed upon his mind. In men, this instantly causes amnesia and madness. He was cursed to wander the earth in dementia and confusion until the final age. As for the dragons, they could not have the spell altered or removed once applied. Like a poison it would take time to run its course and work its way out of their system. This could take anywhere from hundreds to thousands of years. Xamuiez in his wisdom, understanding these four dragons were sick and not evil chose to place all of them and their hatchlings to sleep until the madness had left them, there was no need for their destruction. In time they would return and bless the world again, rebuilding what they had been forced to destroy against their will. It is true dragons are very wise and strong in the magical arts, yet their mind is reptilian in nature leaving them with a flaw no one knows of save a few sorcerers. This flaw allows certain magical spells combined with the right crystals and intentions of the sorcerer to control the dragons mind or at least alter its emotions or thoughts. There has not been found a way to stop this weakness despite millennia of magical study and experimentation. The saving grace is that no one living except Bultan the wizened and the now mad, wandering Zangoath even knows the nature of the dragon brain as it relates to this issue. To this date it has been fifteen hundred years according to the document titled dragons and their origins, said to have been spoken to Bultan by the carrier of the universe Xamuiez himself to serve as a guide for the races of the world and to be kept in the deepest dwarven mountain under the safety of the dwarven lord Nokaesh. Xamuiez has thus far not seen fit to wake them according to the legends. The four dragon lords, two male and two female are put forth in the ancient document, the document of dragons and their origins describes the four dragons before and after their corruption under Zangoath’s evil fog crystal spell.

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