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Biochemistry for Medical Professionals


Author: Tsugikazu Komoda

Publisher: Academic Press


Publish Date: July 22, 2015

ISBN-10: 128019182

Pages: 112

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The processes of life are biochemical. Biological and chemical substances combine in the living body, which not only is an aggregate of biological and chemical materials, but also forms the systems with which an organism can reproduce itself. Thus, the components that manage the metabolism and reproduction of living organisms are more than just the biological materials, but also include structural information: the nucleic acids, lipids, sugars, proteins and enzyme systems of the materials and building blocks of biological and chemical substances that make up life. Precise and delicate chemical systems are found, such as the structure that carries out self-multiplication of the chemical potential used as the metabolic pathway and the driving force of complex systems of energy metabolism and reproducing genetic material. Biochemistry in a broad sense is understood to be an inclusive science for the study of all forms of life, including comprehensive detail of both biology and chemistry. The study of the biomolecules that make up organisms and their environment has become a major field of research in medical science.

Experimentation in Eppendorf tubes (in vitro) reveals the biochemical properties of the study and science of biology, and expands our understanding of the structure of all life. Experiments carried out in the living body (in vivo) demonstrate the physiological roles in the body. Moreover, since a biomembrane is comprised of membrane proteins and lipids, we see not only the formation of the organelles in the cells, but also previously unknown roles of the cross-communication between biological materials and living cells. This field of study has developed rapidly into the area of biochemistry research.

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