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Behavioral Finance: Psychology, Decision-Making, and Markets


Author: Lucy Ackert and Richard Deaves

Publisher: South-Western College Pub


Publish Date: September 23, 2009

ISBN-10: 324661177

Pages: 432

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Writing an overview of a burgeoning field is a daunting task. When we started our project, existing research in behavioral finance was already abundant. Since then, new work has appeared virtually daily. The only reasonable approach was to be selective. While we hope this book is a comprehensive treatment of the more important contributions in the field of behavioral finance, worthy research has certainly been excluded.

In writing this book, the students we have taught and the professional audiences we have addressed were a driving force. It is our hope that the material covered in this book will allow readers to consider financial decision-making in a new light. While a number of useful books that cover topics in behavioral finance are available to the interested reader, our goal was to write a book that would provide an accessible overview of the field, while at the same time illustrating how behavioral finance can be applied in real-world settings. With this in mind, the level of rigor has been kept low and theory has been kept to a minimum. It is our belief that this book is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in business and economics, as well as interested practitioners. The book can be used for a dedicated elective course or as a supplement to a more traditional corporate or managerial finance course.

To support the instructor and promote student learning an Instructor’s Manual (IM) accompanies this book. The IM includes three parts: Solutions to Discussion Questions and Problems; Teaching Exercises; and Lecture Slides. Each of the 20 chapters in the book contains a number of Discussion Questions and Problems and the first part of the IM provides suggested solutions to each exercise. The second part of this manual presents Teaching Exercises that are designed to promote hands-on learning including experiments, cases and other items, running the gamut from Trading Simulators to Star Trek, from a price prediction game to a dice game, from a risk-taking survey to the Super Bowl, from Barings Bank to Royal Dutch Shell, and so on. Finally, to give the instructor a head start in the classroom, we have assembled a series of Lecture Slides.

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