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Basic Math & Pre-Algebra: 1,001 Practice Problems For Dummies


Author: Mark Zegarelli

Publisher: For Dummies


Publish Date: April 29, 2013

ISBN-10: 1118446569

Pages: 408

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Are you kidding . . . 1,001 math problems, really?

That’s right, a thousand questions plus one to grow on, here in your hot little hands. I’ve arranged them in order, starting with beginning arithmetic and ending with basic algebra. Topics include everything from the Big Four operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing), through negative numbers and fractions, on to geometry and probability, and finally algebra — plus lots more!

Every chapter provides tips for solving the problems in that chapter. And, of course, the back of the book includes detailed explanations of the answers to every question. It’s all here, so get to work!

What You’ll Find

This book includes 1,001 basic math and pre-algebra problems, divided into 22 chapters. Each chapter contains problems focusing on a single math topic, such as negative numbers, fractions, or geometry.

Within each chapter, topics are broken into subtopics so that you can work on a specific type of math skill until you feel confident with it. Generally speaking, each section starts with easy problems, moves on to medium ones, and then finishes with hard problems.

You can jump right in anywhere you like and solve these problems in any order. You can also take on one chapter or section at a time, working from easy to medium to hard problems. Or, if you like, you can begin with Question #1 and move right through to Question #1,001.

Additionally, each chapter begins with a list of tips for answering the questions in that chapter.

Every question in Part I is answered in Part II, with a full explanation that walks you through how to understand, set up, and solve the problem.

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