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Basic Electrical Installation Work 5th Edition


Author: Trevor Linsley

Publisher: Routledge


Publish Date: August 18, 2008

ISBN-10: 750687517

Pages: 400

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The 5th Edition of Basic Electrical Installation Work has been completely rewritten in 14 Chapters to closely match the 14 Outcomes of the City and Guilds qualifi cation. The technical content has been revised and updated to the requirements of the new 17th Edition of the IEE Regulations BS 7671: 2008. Improved page design with new coloured illustrations give greater clarity to each topic.

This book of electrical installation theory and practice will be of value to the electrical trainee working towards:

● The City and Guilds 2330 Level 2 Certifi cate in Electrical Technology, Installation Route.
● The City and Guilds 2356 Level 2 NVQ in Installing Electrotechnical Systems.
● The SCOTVEC and BTEC Electrical Utilisation Units at Levels I and II.
● Those taking Engineering and modern Apprenticeship Courses.

Basic Electrical Installation Work provides a sound basic knowledge of electrical practice which other trades in the construction industry will fi nd of value, particularly those involved in multi-skilling activities.

The book incorporates the requirements of the latest Regulations, particularly:
● 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations.
● British Standards BS 7671: 2008.
● Part P of the Building Regulation, Electrical Safety in Dwellings: 2006.
● Hazardous Waste Regulations: 2005.
● Work at Height Regulations: 2005.


Preface vii
Acknowledgements ix
UNIT 1 – Working effectively and safely in the electrotechnical environment 1
Chapter 1 The legal responsibilities of both employers and employees 3
Chapter 2 The occupational specialisms and individual roles within the electrotechnical industry 41
Chapter 3 Sources of technical information and communications 63
UNIT 2 – Principles of electrotechnology 77
Chapter 4 Basic electrotechnical units and theory 79
Chapter 5 Basic scientifi c concepts in electrotechnology 99
Chapter 6 Basic electrical circuits and cables 123
Chapter 7 Tools and equipment used for electrotechnical applications 139
UNIT 3 – Application of health and safety and electrical principles 151
Chapter 8 Safe systems of working 153
Chapter 9 Using technical information 181
Chapter 10 Alternating current theory and electrical machines 193
Chapter 11 Polyphase or three-phase electrical systems 221
Chapter 12 Overcurrent, short circuit and earth fault protection 233
UNIT 4 – Installation (buildings and structures) 259
Chapter 13 Statutory regulations and codes of practice 261
Chapter 14 Electrical installations and wiring systems 279

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