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Baby Steps Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth

Baby Steps Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth PDF

Author: Dave Ramsey

Publisher: Ramsey Press


Publish Date: January 11, 2022

ISBN-10: 1942121598

Pages: 224

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

It’s been eight years since I wrote my last book. In that time, our team has grown, gotten more agile, and published another handful of #1 national bestsellers. Even so, I will never take for granted that our books don’t just happen without the hard work and support of some incredible people. An extra special thanks goes to . . .

Sharon Ramsey, for your unwavering commitment at the top and the bottom of our first million and your constant support since. It’s been fun to stand together all these years and see so many others baby step their way to their first million.

Preston Cannon, for your leadership, guidance, and humor through every phase of this fast-paced project.

Jackie Quinn, Michelle Grooms, Rick Prall, Rachel Knapp, and Jennifer Day, for your commitment to excellent content and your outstanding research, developmental, and editorial support.

Tim Smith and the research team at Ramsey, for your diligent work to conduct The National Study of Millionaires and collect the stats and stories that powerfully normalize the concept of the Everyday Millionaire.

Chris Carrico, Seth Farmer, and Brad Dennison, for your creative genius on the cover design. You sure do know how to make an old, bald guy look good! More importantly, you’ve given this thing a chance to get into more hands and change more lives.

Amy McCollom and Michelle Dixon, for your impeccable project planning on our tightest timeline yet.

Caitlin Radecki, Jasmine Cannady, and Russ Sellars, for your marketing and sales know-how and your hearts to serve our readers.

Megan McConnell and the Ramsey publicity team, for expertly spreading this world-changing message far and wide.

Suzanne Simms, Jen Sievertsen, Luke LeFevre, Jeremy Breland, and Brian Williams, for your excellence in leadership and vision and your faithfulness in prayer.



Chapter 1: Can Anyone Become a Millionaire?

Chapter 2: What Is a Baby Steps Millionaire?

Chapter 3: How to Become a Baby Steps Millionaire

Chapter 4: A Millionaire Is Not a Billionaire

Chapter 5: Belief versus Barriers

Chapter 6: The Quickest Right Way to a Million

Chapter 7: Will Wealth Ruin My Kids?

Chapter 8: Wealth and the Wealthy Are NOT Evil

Chapter 9: Baby Steps Millionaires in Every Neighborhood

Epilogue: Better Than I Deserve


White Paper: The National Study of Millionaires

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