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Atmosphere an Introduction to Meteorology 12th Edition


Author: Frederick K. Lutgens

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Publish Date: Publish Date

ISBN-10: 321756312

Pages: 528

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

There are few aspects of the physical environment that influence our daily lives more than the phenomena we collectively call weather. The media regularly report a wide range of weather events as major news stories—an obvious reflection of people’s interest in and curiosity about the atmosphere.

Not only does the atmosphere impact the lives of people, but people have a significant impact on the atmosphere as well. By altering the composition of Earth’s atmosphere, people have diminished the stratosphere’s ozone layer and created serious air-quality problems in urban and rural areas around the world. Moreover, human-generated emissions likely play an important role in global climate change, one of the most serious environmental issues facing humankind in the twenty-first century.

In order to understand the weather phenomena that affect our daily lives and the serious environmental problems related to the atmosphere, it is important to develop an understanding of meteorological principles. A basic meteorology course takes advantage of our interest in and curiosity about the weather as well as our desire to understand the impact that people have on the atmospheric environment.

The Atmosphere: An Introduction to Meteorology, 12th edition, is designed to meet the needs of students who enroll in such a course. It is our hope that the knowledge gained by taking a class and using this book will encourage many to actively participate in bettering the environment; some may even be sufficiently stimulated to continue their study of meteorology. Equally important, however, is our belief that a basic understanding of the atmosphere and its processes will greatly enhance appreciation of our planet and thereby enrich the reader’s life.

In addition to being informative and up-to-date, The Atmosphere meets the need of beginning students for a readable and user-friendly text, a book that is a highly usable tool for learning basic meteorological principles and concepts

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