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Anatomy & Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing 6th Edition

Anatomy & Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing 6th Edition PDF

Author: J. Anthony Seikel, David G. Drumright

Publisher: Plural Publishing


Publish Date: November 1, 2019

ISBN-10: 1635502799

Pages: 912

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Anatomy & Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing, Sixth Edition, provides a sequential tour of the anatomy and physiology associated with speech, language, and hearing. We aspire to keep the content alive for students of today by providing not only basic anatomy and physiology, but also by forging the relationship between the structures and functions and the dysfunction that occurs when the systems fail. We know that students in audiology and speech-language pathology have their future clients in mind as they read this content, and we hope that by integrating information about pathology we can bring anatomy to life and to relevancy for you.

We have designed this text and the support materials to serve the upper division undergraduate or graduate student in the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology, and hope that it can serve you as a reference for your professional life as well. We aspire for it to be a learning tool and resource for both the developing and the accomplished clinician. We, the authors of this text, are first and foremost teachers ourselves. We are committed to the students within our professions and to the instructors who have made it their life work to teach them. Learning is a lifelong process, and our goal is to give instructors the tools to start students on that lifelong professional path and to inspire learning throughout your life. We know that learning is not a spectator sport because we continue to engage ourselves as learners. Our goal is to make the text and its ancillary materials as useful to 21st-century students as possible. This new edition not only provides students with great interactive study tools in the revised and renamed ANAQUEST study software, but also makes avail-able a wealth of student and instructor resources to facilitate learning. We want you to be the best clinician and scientist you can be and sincerely hope that these materials move you along the path of your chosen career.


The text is organized around the five “classic” systems of speech and hearing: the respiratory, phonatory, articulatory/resonatory, nervous, and auditory systems. The respiratory system (involving the lungs) provides the “energy source” for speech, whereas the phonatory system (involving the larynx) provides voicing. The articulatory/resonatory system modifies the acoustic source provided by voicing (or other gestures) to produce the sounds we acknowledge as speech. The articulatory system is responsible for the masti-cation (chewing) and deglutition (swallowing) function, an increasingly important area within the field of speech-language pathology. The nervous system lets us control musculature, receive information, and make sense of the information. Finally, the auditory mechanism processes speech and nonspeech acoustic signals received by the listener who is trying to make sense of her or his world.
There are few areas of study where the potential for overwhelming detail is greater than in the disciplines of anatomy and physiology. Our desire with this text and the accompanying software lessons is to provide a stable founda-tion upon which detail may be learned. In the text, we provide you with an introductory section that sets the stage for the detail to follow, and we bring you back to a more global picture with summaries. We have also provided derivations of words to help you remember technical terms.

New to the Sixth Edition

This new edition of Anatomy & Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing, Sixth Edition includes many exciting enhancements:

• Revised and updated physiology of swallowing includes discussion of orofacial-myofunctional disorders and other swallowing dysfunction arising from physical etiologies.
• An introduction to the effects of pathology on communication is included within each of the physical systems of communication.
• Many new photographs of specimens have been added, with a focus on a clear and accurate understanding of the classical framework of the speech, language, and hearing systems.
• Clinical Notes boxes link anatomy and physiology with disorders seen by speech-language pathologists and audiologists to provide real-world applications for students.
• The ANAQUEST study software is Internet-based and accessible on the PluralPlus companion website that comes with the text. ANAQUEST provides on-the-go learning, with animation lessons, simulations, and updates to content. The software now includes a set of video lab experiences narrated by new contributor Katrina Rhett, an anatomist and lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University. We have added three-dimensional views with animations that explore the important processes of hearing, phonation, respiration, swallowing, and more.

The PluralPlus companion website is divided into two areas: one housing materials for the instructor and the other just for students.

For the Instructor

The PluralPlus companion website contains a variety of tools to help instruc-tors successfully prepare lectures and teach within this subject area. This comprehensive package provides something for all instructors, from those teaching anatomy and physiology for the first time to seasoned instructors who want something new. The following materials have been made available just for instructors:

• An Instructor’s Manual containing materials and suggested activities for the lecture and lab guides to facilitate learning outside of the classroom.
• A test bank with approximately 1,000 questions and answers, for use in instructor-created quizzes and tests.
• PowerPoint lecture slides for each chapter to use as in-class lecture material and as handouts for students.
• A version of the ANAQUEST study software created for upload to a Learning Management System (LMS).

For the Student

ANAQUEST study software comes with purchase of the textbook and can be accessed on the PluralPlus companion website. ANAQUEST software is your true partner in learning. The available labs give you the opportu-nity to examine structures and functions of the speech mechanism in an interactive digital environment. The ANAQUEST software is keyed to the text, reinforcing identification of the structures presented during lecture, but more importantly illustrating the function of those structures. An icon in the margin of the text indicates that you’ll find related lessons and video labs in ANAQUEST, where you can examine speech physiology through the inter-active manipulation of the structures under study, and learn the relationship of the body parts and how they function together. See the beginning of the textbook for the website URL and your access code.

J. Anthony Seikel David DrG. umright Daniel HJ. udock

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