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Anatomy of Facial Expressions

Anatomy of Facial Expressions PDF

Author: Uldis Zarins

Publisher: Anatomy Next


Publish Date: January 1, 2017

ISBN-10: 1735039047

Pages: 222

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Anatomy of Facial Expressions is redefining the anatomy of the human face, often the most challenging area of human anatomy to understand. A team of professional artists and medical experts working together to create this anatomy book. With fully visual and correct anatomy information. Learn:

– Detailed information about facial muscles anatomy and physiology
– How facial muscles function and affect the shape of the face
– Main gender, age, and ethnicity differences
– How bony structures related to the soft tissue, main landmarks of the face
– Facial fat compartments, connective tissue
– The topography of the face and skull

Anatomy books for learning and understanding
Real emotions are almost impossible to fake. That is why we need to learn the nuances that differentiate fake and genuine emotions. And to know it, you have to understand not only the anatomy which creates the movement, but you have to have the tools and language with whom you can describe the change.

Self-explanatory images facial muscles and expressions
The book includes 3D renders of facial muscles overlaid onto photographs, photogrammetry scans, on neutral and expressed faces. It contains pictures of actual people, the 3D skull structures.

A structured approach to a complex system
All the muscle groups are carefully differentiated from one another and labeled. The images and text also explain how muscles work and how they affect the surface forms of the face.

“For artists, the essential part is how it looks…”
In anatomy for artists and visual specialists. That matters most is the visual aspect: images and understandable visual information and how it all works. Not so much factual information or Latin names. The author is an artist with more than 25-year experience and a professor of Anatomy in Arts Academy.

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