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Algebra and Trigonometry: Real Mathematics, Real People 7th Edition


Author: Ron Larson

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Publish Date: January 1, 2015

ISBN-10: 9.78131E+12

Pages: 1008

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

New To This Edition

This companion website offers multiple tools and resources to supplement your learning. Access to these features is free. View and listen to worked-out solutions of Checkpoint problems in English or Spanish, explore examples, download data sets, watch lesson videos, and much more.

NEW Checkpoints
Accompanying every example, the Checkpoint problems encourage immediate practice and check your understanding of the concepts presented in the example. View and listen to worked-out solutions of the Checkpoint problems in English or Spanish at

NEW How Do You See It?
The How Do You See It? feature in each section presents an exercise that you will solve by visual inspection using the concepts learned in the lesson. This exercise is excellent for classroom discussion or test preparation.

NEW Data Spreadsheets
Download these editable spreadsheets from and use the data to solve exercises.

REVISED Exercise Sets
The exercise sets have been carefully and extensively examined to ensure they are rigorous and relevant and to include all topics our users have suggested. The exercises have been reorganized and titled so you can better see the connections between examples and exercises. Multi-step exercises reinforce problem-solving skills and mastery of concepts by giving you the opportunity to apply the concepts in real-life situations

These hints and tips reinforce or expand upon concepts, help you learn how to study mathematics, address special cases, or show alternative or additional steps to a solution of an example.

Trusted Features
Calc Chat
For the past several years, an independent website——has provided free solutions to all odd-numbered problems in the text. Thousands of students have visited the site for practice and help with their homework.

Side-By-Side Examples
Throughout the text, we present solutions to examples from multiple perspectives—algebraically, graphically, and numerically. The side-by-side format of this pedagogical feature helps you to see that a problem can be solved in more than one way and to see that different methods yield the same result. The side-by-side format also addresses different learning styles.

Why You Should Learn It Exercise
An engaging real-life application of the concepts in the section. This application exercise is typically described in the section opener as a motivator for the section.

Library of Parent Functions
To facilitate familiarity with the basic functions, several elementary and nonelementary functions have been compiled as a Library of Parent Functions. Each function is introduced at its first appearance in the text with a definition and description of basic characteristics. The Library of Parent Functions Examples are identified in the title of the example and there is a Review of Library of Parent Functions after Chapter 4. A summary of functions is presented on the inside cover of this text.

Make a Decision Exercises
The Make a Decision exercises at the end of selected sections involve in-depth applied exercises in which you will work with large, real-life data sets, often creating or analyzing models. These exercises are offered online at

Chapter Openers
Each Chapter Opener highlights a real-life modeling problem, showing a graph of the data, a section reference, and a short description of the data.

Explore the Concept
Each Explore the Concept engages you in active discovery of mathematical concepts, strengthens critical thinking skills, and helps build intuition.

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downloadreadPDFMay 30, 2020
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