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Advancing Your Photography: A Handbook for Creating Photos You’ll Love


Author: Marc Silber

Publisher: Mango


Publish Date: May 2, 2017)

ISBN-10: 163353569X

Pages: 225

File Type: Epub, Mobi

Language: English

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Book Preface


Advancing Your Photography


Photography is my life. It happens to be how I make my living, but before I ever became a professional, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I collected books by photographers I admired and subscribed to every photo magazine available; I was a fanatic. However, I never took a class. I learned by going out, taking photographs, and making mistakes. I started in the days of film, with the expense of having to pay for all those mistakes with film and processing and without any instant feedback. In today’s digital world, those barriers have gone. This is both a help and a hindrance. No one expects to pick up a musical instrument and immediately make beautiful music. It takes years of practice, but modern cameras are so technically foolproof it’s tempting to think that you can pick up a camera and make great photographs from the get-go. It can happen by chance, but to make consistently good photographs, you must practice, practice, practice.


I still believe the only way to learn and improve is to get out there and shoot, but now you have a resource that gives advice from decades of experience from some of the world’s best photographers.


Marc Silber has distilled the essential nuggets of information shared by these photographers in his very successful video series, Advancing Your Photography. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Marc for several years and can attest to his dedication to helping photographers of all levels find their vision.


His background as a seasoned working photographer gives him the necessary perspective to ensure you only get information that works. It would be difficult to better his advice.


Use this information and apply it when you are out there shooting. The more you shoot, the better you will know your camera and the less you will be concerned with equipment, so that you can concentrate on the image. So get out, shoot a lot, make mistakes and learn from them. And remember, photography is fun!


Bob Holmes

Marin County


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