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Advances in Safety Management and Human Factors

Advances in Safety Management and Human Factors PDF

Author: Pedro Arezes

Publisher: Springer


Publish Date: July 28, 2017

ISBN-10: 3319605240

Pages: 643

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Injury prevention is a common thread throughout every workplace, yet keeping employee safety and health knowledge consistently is a continual challenge for all employers. The discipline of Safety Management and Human Factors is cross-disciplinary concerning safety, health and welfare of the people engaged in work or employment. The book offers a platform to showcase research and for the exchange of information in safety management and human factors. Mastering safety management and human factors concepts is fundamental to both the creation of products and systems that people use and the design of work systems to avoid stresses and minimize the risk for accidents.

This book focuses on the advances in the safety management and its relationship with human factors, which are critical in the design of any human-centered technological system. The ideas and practical solutions described in the book are the outcome of dedicated research by academics and practitioners aiming to advance theory and practice in this dynamic and all-encompassing discipline.

A total of six sections are presented in this book. Each section contains research papers that have been reviewed by members of the International Editorial Board. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to the following Board members:

A. Abreu Mol, Brazil
S. Albolino, Italy
V. Banuls SIlvera, Spain
B. Barkokebas Junior, Brazil
C. Burns, Canada
E. Cagno, Italy
P. Carvalho, Brazil
L. Franz, Brazil
C. Guedes Soares, Portugal
F. Guldenmund, the Netherlands
C. Jacinto, Portugal
T. Larsson, Sweden
R. Matos, Brazil
J. Meliá, Spain
R. Melo, Portugal
M. Menozzi, Switzerland
A. Miguel, Portugal
D. Nathanael, Greece
S. Nazir, Norway/Italy
M. Neves, Portugal
I. Nunes, Portugal
M. Pillay, Australia
J. Rubio-Romero, Spain
I. Santos, Brazil
J. Santos Baptista, Portugal
T. Saurin, Brazil
M. Shahriari, Turkey
S. Silva, Portugal
M. Silva Borges, Brazil
P. Sivaprakash, India
P. Swuste, the Netherlands
G. Szabo, Hungary
M. Vidal, Brazil

We hope that this book, which is global and state of the art in safety management domain of human factors, will be a valuable source of theoretical and applied knowledge for global markets.

Guimarães, Portugal Pedro Arezes

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