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Accounting by Carl S. Warren

Author: Carl S. Warren

Publisher: South-Western College Pub


Publish Date: January 7, 2004

ISBN-10: 324188005

Pages: 1033

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Even as the undisputed leaders in accounting textbook innovation,we faced a daunting challenge with the 21st edition.Yet once again,we are proud to present the world’s best tool for teaching accounting, designed and engineered based on the solid foundation of our past success. Accounting, 21e presents, as always, the most comprehensive content in the market with strikingly clear organization and breakthrough pedagogy. Together with this solid textbook foundation, our leading-edge technology will guide your students toward success in the business world yet to unfold.

We invite you to experience this superior package of text and technology and see how well they perform together.

Having reached more than 11.5 million students, it would be easy for the most widely used textbook for accounting principles to coast on the momentum of its success. But being number one doesn’t come from just coasting. It comes from continuing our long history of innovation with the 21st edition.

To our many colleagues who contributed their valuable assistance, we extend our gratitude. As users of the 20th edition, they shared their personal insights by providing classroom feedback, participating in focus groups, and filling out questionnaires. In addition, dozens of distinguished reviewers have kept us on track during the revision of this edition. We took all comments very seriously, and Accounting, 21e is more robust than its predecessors because of the wide variety of advice we’ve incorporated.

Accounting, 21e will remain the text of choice for other reasons as well. The companies we profile in the text have grown and changed over time, and so has our coverage of them. We’ve integrated our work with some of the most powerful and effective technology on the market today. A long list of distinguished authors, editors, and reviewers has guided Accounting through the better part of the past century. We are proud to take our part in the evolution of this great tradition.

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