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Abnormal Psychology, Global Edition


Author: Jill M. Hooley

Publisher: Pearson International


Publish Date: 2016

ISBN-10: 1292157763

Pages: Pages

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

We are so excited about this course and hope that you are too! We (the authors) all took this course when we were undergraduate students because we were curious about abnormal aspects of human behavior. Why do some people become so depressed they can’t get out of bed? Why do others have trouble controlling their use of alcohol and drugs? Why do some people become violent toward others, and in other cases toward themselves? We continue to be intensely curious about, and fascinated by, the answers to these and many other questions about abnormal human behavior. The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive (and hopefully engaging) introduction to the primary psychological disorders studied within abnormal psychology.

As you will learn, there are many different types of psychological disorders, and each is caused by the interaction of many different factors and can be considered from many different perspectives. We thought a lot about how best to present this information in a way that will be clear and engaging and will allow you to gain a solid, fundamental understanding of psychological disorders. As such, we use a biopsychosocial approach to provide a sophisticated appreciation of the total context in which abnormalities of behavior occur. This means that we present and describe the wide range of biological, psychological, and social factors that work together to lead to the development of psychological disorders. In addition, we discuss treatment approaches that target each of these different factors.

For ease of understanding we also present material on each disorder in a logical and consistent way. More specifically, we focus on three significant aspects: (1) the clinical picture, where we describe the symptoms of the disorder and its associated features; (2) factors involved in the development of the disorder; and (3) treatment approaches. In each case, we examine the evidence for biological, psychosocial (i.e., psychological and interpersonal), and sociocultural (the broader social environment of culture and subculture) influences. Because we wish never to lose sight of the person, we try to integrate as much case material as we can into each chapter. An additional feature of this book is a heavy focus on treatment. Although treatment is discussed in every chapter in the context of specific disorders, we also include a separate chapter that addresses issues in treatment more broadly. This provides students with increased understanding of a wide range of treatment approaches and permits more indepth coverage than is possible in specific disorder–based chapters.

Abnormal Psychology has a long and distinguished tradition as an undergraduate text. Ever since James Coleman wrote the first edition many years ago, this textbook has been considered the most comprehensive in the field. Along the way there have been many changes. This is very much the case with this new edition. Perhaps the most exciting change, however, is the addition of Harvard Professor Matthew Nock to the author team. Matt, a recent MacArthur Award (aka, “Genius Grant”) recipient, brings his brilliance, scholarship, and wry sense of humor to the book, providing fresh approaches and new perspectives. We are delighted that he has joined the author team and welcome him with great enthusiasm!

The Hooley-Butcher-Nock-Mineka author team is in a unique position to provide students with an integrated and comprehensive understanding of abnormal psychology. Each author is a noted researcher, an experienced teacher, and a licensed clinician. Each brings different areas of expertise and diverse research interests to the text. We are committed to excellence. We are also committed to making our text accessible to a broad audience. Our approach emphasizes the importance of research as well as the need to translate research findings into informedand
effective clinical care for all who suffer from mental disorders. In this new edition, we seek to open up the fascinating world of abnormal psychology, providing students with comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge in a clear and engaging way. We hope that this newest edition conveys some of the passion and enthusiasm for the topic that we still experience every day.

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