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A Short Course in Medical Terminology 4th Edition

A Short Course in Medical Terminology 4th Edition PDF

Author: Judi L. Nath

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning


Publish Date: February 6, 2018

ISBN-10: 1496351479

Pages: 442

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This new edition builds on the foundation established in the previous three editions. The reader will find the writing style of this edition easy to follow, with special focus given to ensuring that each page is user friendly and accessible to all levels of learning. As educators, we wanted to be sure that students found the content manageable, interesting, and understandable.


This section outlines the global changes that were made throughout the entire textbook as well as the chapter-by-chapter changes. We begin with those changes across the chapters. Global Changes

• The narrative has been modernized to make the text more user-friendly and approachable for students.

• The chapter headings have been standardized to appear in a consistent order so material is presented utilizing a consistent style.

• The topics in the study table were also standardized so that the order follows a predictable sequence.

• Study Tables may contain terms that are not in the narrative; however, all bold-faced terms in the narrative are found in the Study Tables. The book would become unwieldy with text if the terms in the tables were also in the narrative. We have selected the most relevant terms for inclusion in the tables.

• The end-of-chapter exercises have been standardized, so that from chapter-to-chapter exercises are presented in the same order.

• Chapter 15 The Special Senses of Sight and Hearing has been moved to appear directly after Chapter 7 The Nervous System. This order makes sense from a functional perspective and matches other current anatomy and physiology books. Rearranging the topics in this manner also allows the book to be used in tandem with an anatomy and physiology course.

• All terminology has been updated per current medical usage. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, Terminologia Anatomica, Terminologia Histologica, Terminologia Embryologica, and leading medical journals were used to standardize the medical terms, so that they are current and match terms used in common practice. • Pronunciations match Stedman’s Medical Dictionary.

Although Stedman’s Medical Dictionary uses a diacritic format whereby signs and symbols are used with letters to indicate pronunciations, the pronunciations given in this book are those used for oral communication so we used phonetic pronunciations.

• Appendixes A through E have been updated so the information is the most current, nationally recognized.

• The artwork has been updated and revised extensively to be accurate and contemporary. We also improved the text–art integration to enhance the student learning experience.

• Citations from image captions have been removed, so that the reader is not distracted from the image and its learning opportunity.

• Unnecessarily long table titles were shortened to make table titles easier for students to read and understand. • More photos were added for realism and interest.

• The phrase “word elements” was changed to “word parts” to avoid ambiguities when some word parts served double functions, as in sometimes a word part was a root and a prefix. This change also enabled consistency.

• Quick Checks were updated to provide benchmarks within the chapter for students to assess retention of information.

• Sidebar Information was updated with interesting facts. It is also designed so that it is a “pointable feature” and there is at least one per chapter. • Material from Crossword Puzzles and Chapter Quizzes has been folded into the End-of-Chapter Exercises.

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