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Book Preface

What is a Labrador Retriever?
The Labrador Retriever is a medium-size (weight 55 to 80 pounds, height 211⁄2 to 241⁄2 inches) dog characterized by a dense, water-resistant coat, a thick otter tail and a clean-cut, broad head with a friendly facial expression. A sporting breed, Labrador Retrievers are active, athletic dogs who need regular exercise for optimal mental and physical health. These people-oriented dogs also require substantial amounts of human companionship. Labs may be black, yellow or chocolate brown. Labs have easycare coats but do shed seasonally. Labs have webbed feet for swimming.
What is an otter tail?
An otter tail is thick at the base (where it connects to the body) and gradually tapers to the tip. The otter tail—one of the distinctive features of the Labrador Retriever—is described in great detail in the breed standard (the official description of the ideal Lab). It can also be a source of great consternation to Lab owners, as an exuberantly wagged otter tail can clear a coffee table in a matter of seconds.
What is a retriever?
A retriever is a dog who brings back game birds that a hunter has killed. The job is more complicated than it sounds. Let’s take a look at what Tucker, a five-year-old Lab, has to do when he hunts with Dale, his owner. First, Tucker watches as Dale shoots so he can see where the bird falls. Next, he waits until Dale tells him to retrieve the bird. Tucker then has to find the bird, which may involve navigating through rough terrain or water. If Tucker saw the bird fall, he probably won’t have much difficulty finding it. If he didn’t see the bird fall—or for some other reason cannot find it—he’ll have to rely on signals from Dale to locate the bird. Tucker must then bring the bird back without damaging it. The soft mouth of a retriever (his ability—and propensity—to carry something in his mouth without mangling it) is an important quality for his success as a hunter. Tucker must surrender the bird to Dale upon command.


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