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101 Veterinary Practice Management Questions Answered


Author: Amanda L. Donnelly DVM MBA

Publisher: AAHA Press


Publish Date: March 1, 2010

ISBN-10: 1583261230

Pages: 204

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Years ago, when a veterinarian started a practice, it seemed to grow despite the skills or talents of the manager in running a business. Today, however, practices have had to adapt to a more competitive and complex marketplace, where veterinary medical care is more specialized and advanced; clients are more educated, even if their “Internet education” isn’t always accurate; and client services are more sophisticated, in order to cater to pet owners seeking value for the money they spend on veterinary services. In addition, the workplace has become more diverse, with four different generations in the workforce and employees seeking more life balance.
As practices have grown, the need for stronger leadership and better human resource management has also grown. Increasingly, both strategic planning and marketing planning are viewed as essential business activities for practices to thrive. The veterinary profession may be in good shape to weather a recession, but it isn’t recession-proof.
In this professional environment, managing a veterinary practice is no easy task. It requires a leader capable of navigating all the critical aspects of practice management and business development. Paying attention to financial management and key performance indicators is important to maintain and enhance profitability. Even though there is no magic formula for being a perfect manager or having the most effectively run practice, there are aspects of practice management that make all the difference in whether a practice is a financially successful business that people want to work for and clients want to visit.
This book is designed to be used by practice managers trying to find answers to practice management questions or dealing with challenges unique to their role. Whether you are a new or experienced manager, the numerous ideas and references here will help you achieve success.

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