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10 Minute Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook


Author: Derek Doepker

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services


Publish Date: January 8, 2015


Pages: 74

File Type: Epub, Mobi, Pdf

Language: English

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Book Preface

Switching to a Paleo lifestyle means developing a new and healthier relationship with food and with your body. It also means feeling better and looking better than you ever have before. Paleo foods are delicious, nutritious and really put a spring in your step since you’re not being weighed down by things that were not designed for the human body to consume.

However, one of the biggest challenges many people face when starting out on the Paleolithic adventure is creating quick meals while sticking to Paleo guidelines. In your pre-Paleo life you could throw on a pot of pasta and have dinner ready in 10 minutes or if you were really in a squeeze, a comfy sandwich was always an option. But in your newfound Paleo world, you may be struggling with trying to balance a busy lifestyle while sticking to the Paleo plan.

If that’s you, then welcome to your solution – the 10-minute Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook. The recipes included in this book follow Paleo requirements and can all be prepared in 10 minutes or less.

There is nothing as wonderful as waking up to a delicious breakfast – which we all know is one of the best things about staying in hotels. You can get that same feeling by prepping your slow cooker the night before so that you wake up to savory Spinach Feta Quiche, Oatless Oatmeal or perhaps tantalizing Portobello Bacon Tomato Cups.

Take 10 minutes in the morning to prep your slow cooker and you will have a beautiful dinner waiting for you in the evening. It will take you less than 10 minutes to create gourmet Pomegranate Ginger Chicken, Creamy Sweet Potato and Bacon or a bowl of The Best Chili Ever.

The Paleo lifestyle is about clean eating as well as simple living. Using your slow cooker for meals reduces the fuss and provides you a chance to streamline your busy lifestyle. There is no reason you should have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing complicated dishes and the Paleo 10-minute Cookbook ensures you don’t have to.

Note: Nutrition facts based on individual servings and factor in coating slow cooker with oil.


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Epub, Mobi, Pdf May 30, 2020

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